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"Flowers of Fragility"
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Elias Nardi Group presents "Flowers of Fragility"

Flowers of Fragility is a striking fusion of Mediterranean traditions and Modern approaches, creating a peculiar balance between "East & West"
"Elias Nardi plays the oud, and does so more than excellent. He plays so in a special way"

 After the succesful debut album Orange Tree in 2010 (3rd Prize for best Ethno/Folk Production al P.I.M.P.I/MEI 2011 in Italy) and critically acclaimed The Tarot Album in 2012 (“TOP ALBUM 2012” - il Manifesto/ALIAS), Oud player Elias Nardi presents his new band and new album, named “Flowers of Fragility”, which represents a big step forward in terms of influences and sonic textures.

Accompanied by an outstanding band, consisting of Daniele Di Bonaventura – bandoneon, Didier François – viola d’amore a chiavi, Nazanin Piri-Niri – flute, Carlo La Manna – bass, Elias Nardi plays a fluid, oneiric music, where the various all-instrumental mesmerizing compositions flow one into the other.

For further information visit Flowers of Fragility page.

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